“Fun, creative music classes! ”


Additionally, for those wanting to teach Jazz Piano, even if you don’t have the vaguest idea of what jazz is, the centre will be presenting the LCM Jazz Graded Syllabus and Diploma in Jazz; this session will be conducted by AiLin Yong who has a Bachelor of Music from the Berkley College of Music. For those who may be interested, but are still ensure, the centre will conduct LCM Jazz Workshop, which will cover materials such as technical works, performance pieces, Jazz aural, also the method of teaching improvisation. This workshop will be an excellent opportunity for music teachers to explore the possibility of teaching Jazz Piano beside Classical Piano. Students above grade 5 level are also welcome, as you may want to learn Jazz besides playing Classical music.

The Creative Music Centre is also proud to introduce a Music Arranger Course for music students interested in the modern music industry. This course contains four levels covering contemporary piano or keyboard methods, theory of contemporary harmony, ear training, digital audio workshop, music notation and arrangement. The course, which will be conducted by Charles Wong Tze Chau, has a minimum entry requirement of Grade 3 classical piano.

Another exciting course on offer at the centre is Modern Band course, mainly designed for students or self-taught musicians who want to pursue a professional music career. Students will learn to read, play and prepare lead sheets as required by the music industry, improving on accuracy and consistency. At the end of each level, students are required to organise a recital and record it. Professional musicians from the industry will be invited to give comments and conduct an evaluation.

Similarly, the Intensive Drums Lesson is specially designed for students or self-taught musicians who want to go down the more serious route. The course will emphasise limb fitness and coordination, chart reading and analysis and the learning of various drumming styles. Just like the Modern Band course, a recital will be conducted at the end of each level and will be recorded on DVD. Professional musicians will give comments and evaluate the performance.